Water Bottles Snag Turbo Tuesday Win

Water Bottles Snag Turbo Tuesday Win

Stay Plugged In’s Turbo Tuesday is a free Rocket League tournament that takes place each week. The Water Bottles, who won this past week’s tournament, shared their competition experience with us. Check out what they had to say!

Stay Plugged In: How was your experience in Turbo Tuesday?

Resonal: Turbo Tuesday is a well-made tourney and was super fun to play in; I’m happy to have finished it with a win!

Stay Plugged In: What was the chemistry like on the team last night, especially being thrown together at the last minute?

Bshp: Our chemistry has always been good, especially since Wahvey, Resonal, and I have played in a few of the 6 Mans tournaments together.

Stay Plugged In: How did it feel to come back and immediately take back the crown in Turbo Tuesday?

Bshp: It felt pretty good coming back and winning, but it felt even better knowing I beat my friends on team Orange Juice.

Wahvey: It felt good to be able to immediately come back and get a win. I’m proud of how the team played.

Stay Plugged In: What was it like playing with Resonal, who played on team In Ya Net in Week 5, preventing the Water Bottles from becoming 4 peat champs?

Wahvey: Resonal was just like a normal teammate. He was fun to play with and we’re friends, so I didn’t mind playing with him even though he beat us in a prior tournament

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